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Keara Beck Ortt





Certifications and Licenses:

NIC Certified

Kentucky License

Idaho License

A Bit About Me

I grew up in the beautiful state of Kentucky. Practically born on stage, I started singing and performing when I was only 18 months old and have been involved in performance and Theater ever since. I was first exposed to American Sign Language through interactions with students at the Kentucky School for the Deaf. After graduating from Asbury University with a degree in Media Communications, with a double emphasis in production and performance, I entered and graduated from the Interpreter Training Program at Eastern Kentucky University. I received my National Certification in 2010 and I have been interpreting full time for over 13 years. 

Work Experience

October 2014-Present


Independent Contractor

January 2018-Present



Interpreter Trainer

Material Development


Bluegrass Community

& Technical College


Full time Independent Contractor, working in a variety of on-site settings including theatrical, medical, post secondary and K-12. Extensive VRS and VRI experience as well. 

Interpreter for CareVacations specializing in Theatrical Cruise Line Interpreting settings. In addition to Interpreting, I also am responsible for training newly hired interpreters. I also created and continually maintain all training materials including video files, scripts, and additional documents.

Began as a contract Interpreter and then moved to a full time staff position. Interpreted in a variety of subject areas including Radiology Tech, Machine Tool Technology, Medical Terminology and General Education classes.

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